• The déco Pearl of Milan: Villa Necchi CampiglioApril 23rd, 2016

    There is a place near the famous “Quadrilatero della Moda” (‘four sides of fashion’) in Milan situated on Mozart Street that holds some history of architectural art: Villa Necchi Campi

  • The Botanical Garden of Brera: Milan’s Green Living RoomApril 17th, 2016

    In the core of Brera district, famous for the bohemian style, a cradle of Milanese artists, we can relax in a picturesque and suggestive corner in a chaotic and frenzied city.

  • Volterra: the City of VampiresApril 15th, 2016

    Oh no, we haven’t met any vampires on this tour; but we saw a very pretty town, although with very few people around.
    The city is the setting for The Second Book of the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

  • Tutorial: Curly Hair for MenApril 14th, 2016

    HI EVeRYONE and welcome to my new video tutorial in three languages.

  • Rocca d’Angera, Lake MaggioreApril 10th, 2016

    Art, Nature and Rarity In The Enchanting Rocca d’Angera
    The majestic Rocca d’Angera is an interesting medieval castle built by the Visconti family.