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A Reason to Visit Abruzzo: the Siren Festival Weekend

Vasto is a little town on the Abruzzo coast. As many Italian villages, a picturesque historic center on the hill overlooks a deep blue sea.

Vasto is the white town, with a castle, towers, old palaces, and nice squares; while Marina di Vasto is the place with palms, velvet sandy beaches, and clubs.

The organizers’ idea of the Siren Festival is pretty simple: why don’t we bring the best of Italian and European indie, electronic, and world music to a little Italian treasure so that people can enjoy great music, but also food, landscapes, and culture?

It’s time to book: on July 24 to 27, Vasto will host the first edition of the Siren Festival.

Here is the official invitation:

Take a break from work, pack your bag with your swimsuit and a Frisbee and prepare yourself for three days of swimming. Enjoying rock’n’roll aperitifs at sunset, delicious meals in selected restaurants, unforgettable concerts, dancing on the beach at night, and screenings music themed documentaries under the stars.

The Siren Festival’s goal is that people must live a 360° experience.

The official website offers accommodation solutions and activities, as natural tours or literature meetups.

For those who are there only for having fun, three stages will be constantly lit up by music.

And don’t forget beach time: the Abruzzo coast is pure and wild, with many pristine beaches.

Enjoy the video, inspire your summer:

By Dafne Perticarini

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