About Us

Uomo Moderno™ is the 1st and only all Italian men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, which was launched in honor of the 2013 Year of Italian Culture. Click here to subscribe.

Literally ‘Modern Man’, Uomo Moderno is an appealing picture-driven magazine for a new class of professionals who wish to look beyond the confines of their own culture and explore different concepts of luxurious living.

A quarterly magazine, Uomo Moderno is designed to be a guide to “living in Italian style,” as it features articles on Italy’s fashion, décor, cuisine, sports, film, music, travel destinations, interviews with celebrities, and much more.

The Publisher

Francesco Di Maio has lived and worked in nearly 30 countries as a publisher, journalist and marketer.

Passionate about Italy and all things Italian, Francesco’s main desire is to promote everything “Made in Italy” that pertains to living in Italian style.

Travel Editor & Consultant

Dafne Perticarini lives and works in Le Marche, a region in central Italy. She has an enormous passion for the US and seeks her best to make Le Marche known as a destination for travel and investment. Dafne works as a consultant, but her great passion remains in writing about locations, “Made in Italy” and music.

Grooming & Hairstylist Editor

Francesco Cilidonio is a young emerging hairstylist from Arezzo in Tuscany. He has many years of practical experience and a deep passion for men’s hair styling.

PR & Communication

Federica Fatale is a native of Rome, where she is works in PR, communications, and social media.  Federica is a creative and energetic collaborator, developing business relations throughout Italy and abroad.

Marketing in China

Wei Cheng Cheng is originally from Dalian, China, and is now living in Florida. Cheng Cheng has been spearheading the marketing and social media marketing for Uomo Moderno in China, where there is great interest in Italy.

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