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We Got Slain at Ballando Nights!

On Friday, June 24, Uomo Moderno magazine debuted the first edition of Ballando Nights: a Thematic Nightlife Experience from Italy in New York, with fashion presentations, Italian music, guest celebrities, quarterly magazine launch, and more!

The Fashion Showcase was presented by Clio Sage, whose garments–which are constructed from laser cut unconventional materials like wood, cork, plastic, and acrylic–were also inspired by Roman gladiators.

Our Guest Celebrity of the evening was singer/actor David Serero, who is currently performing Othello, adapted to the Moroccan style with Judeo-Arabic songs.

In attendance was also the Cast of Whatta Guys Really Want?: Jack Wilson, Nathaniel Dombek, Xia Long Long, and Sam Iacono (Video).

Spinning music from Italy was DJ Brad Stylus, who works with Irma Records and Schema Records in Italy.

The theme of the first Ballando Nights, which was held at Sanatorium Bar & Lounge in New York’s Lower East Side, was Ancient Rome, with dancing gladiators and vestal virgins.

The next Ballando Nights will be held at the conclusion of New York Fashion Week on Friday, September 16, with the theme: the Renaissance. Save the date!

Thanks to our sponsor Gabe Leibowitz at Warburg Realty.

Video and Photos Copyrighted Mikhail Veter.

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