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“Bosco Verticale”: Architecture and Biodiversity  

The “Bosco Verticale” (Vertical Woods) is a complex of two buildings near “Isola Quarter” in Milan, designed by the Architect Stefano Boeri.

Inaugurated in 2014, the complex hosts more than two thousand types of vegetables, shrubs, and tall trunk trees.

It’s a project of the metropolitan reforestation, which wants to increase biodiversity by reducing the environmental impact.

“Bosco Verticale” symbolizes an innovative project; in fact it’s the winner of the “International High Rise Award” and it is “The Most Beautiful Skyscraper in the World” for the “Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.”

The woodland surface, which we find organized along the buildings, is equivalent to about two hectares of forest and allows to establish a microclimate that produces humidity and filters thin dusts.

In the two towers it’s possible to rent apartments or offices.

Sure, costs aren’t reasonable (passable for rich people or millionaire emirs), but the view and the possibility to live or work in the most beautiful skyscraper in the world repays any drop of our wallet.

By Davide Corsini.

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