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Brandon Boykin at the New Generation Fashion Tour by Uomo Moderno, Dressed by Ray Vincente

Having already enlisted my friend Ray Brown to create a garment from scratch for Jason-Pierre Paul of the New York Giants, I asked Ray if he would be available to provide an outfit for Brandon Boykin of the Philadelphia Eagles, as well.

As usual, Ray went the extra mile and prepared several outfits, just in case one didn’t fit exactly the way he would have desired.

Brandon looked spectacular in a black and white sweater and white slim-legged pants. The designer was dressed to the t himself!

Ray Brown summed up the experience perfectly:

“Working with Brandon was like working with family.  He seems very much like someone I might have grown up with. His demeanor is friendly and approachable and I love his spirit.  He’s actually built very much like a model, so it was easy to bring multiple looks to try on him.  As it turns out the very first look we tried from the Ray Vincente Classics Collection was a perfect match and perfect fit, so we didn’t need to go any further! And he looked amazing in it.  It was a pleasure to dress him and work with him and, hopefully, will do so again in the future.”

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