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Breaking Out of the Box with the Theater of Fashion

When a designer creates a collection of new clothing, he or she is often inspired by a piece of art, a movie, architecture, a country, feelings, and much more.

However, the inspiration behind a collection is often not communicated to the public, except for in a press release, which no one reads anymore.

Nowadays it has become popular to release a mood book, a campaign, or a short film, which focuses more on the actual clothing than the inspiration behind the collection.

Next Friday, we are pioneering a new medium in the world of fashion. We are breaking out of the box of runways and presentations and into the Theater of Fashion.

The 2016 winter collection of Malph has a deep philosophical and moral story, which will be acted out in a short vignette by 8 actors from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

We are laying the seeds for something very exciting in the future! I hope to see you there!

New York Fashion Week with Malph by Uomo Moderno Magazine

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