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Christian Pellizzari Autumn/Winter 2014

Neo-Nostalgic Tailored

Flocks of birds in the gray winter skies of endless campaigns  inspire the new CHRISTIAN PELLIZZARI FW 14 collection winter in all its nuances come to life in the palette from black to light blue gray fog.

The classics of Biella fabrics are perfectly mixed where jacquard of wool, silk and cotton mix creates tridimensional plumages.

The robe coat iconic piece of the collection is reinterpreted in warm and enveloping alphaca camel and a new soft tissue wool and silk.

Another iconic garment of the collection the “ waffle” jacket  made with a fabric that looks like a knitted sweater but with the ductility and malleability of the fabric; presented in shades of gray and melange of caramel.

The outwear jackets are reversible ; garments with a double soul, on the one hand the day version with wool cloth and inside the rock version where the designer unleashed with the jacquard which have always been his passion.

The tuxedo jackets with fabrics that reinterpret feathers for an evening different and unusual , or with old neckwear designs revisited in all over.

The fancy pants have always been part of the brand to defuse any look for a man who dares and does not take itself too seriously.

To complete the look there is a reversible parka with a classic wool on one side and another side of soft nylon waterproof and super chic and a biker jacket in a chic version.

The sweatshirts and t-shirts and shirts printed with the flight of birds, in lasered tissue applied on fabric for a 3D effects, are used to complete this winter collection full of sophisticated details of special fabrics and refined elegance.

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