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Countdown to Ballando Nights at Sanatorium: Come Get Slain!

Ballando Nights: A Unique Italy Nightclub Experience in New York

As you may know, Uomo Moderno magazine organizes various types of events throughout the year, including fashion shows, fundraisers, celebrity meet & greets, fashion vignettes, masquerade balls, concerts, product samplings, popup shops, and much more!

On Friday, June 24th, Uomo Moderno plans to debut a new type of event that combines them all: Ballando Nights!

Designed to be a thematic bi-monthly adventure, Ballando Nights will sweep you into the world of Ancient Rome! Come get slain by dancing gladiators and vestal virgins, as DJ Stylus spins an unordinary mix of Italian artists.

During the evening, Clio Sage will present her line of gladiator inspired clothing, which she constructed out of unconventional materials through a process of laser cutting. Clio is a graduate of Architecture at Barnard College, Columbia University, and applies her technical spatial skills to artistic mediums, primarily fashion design.

The bacchanalia will be held at New York’s newest and hottest bar and lounge, Sanatorium, where apotheker Jakob Trummer sources curious ingredients from Europe and blends cocktails of fresh fruits, botanicals, and secret elixirs, blurring the lines between gastronomy, chemistry, and art.

During the Pompeiian style debauchery, you can meet actor/singer David Serero, as well as some of the cast from Uomo Moderno’s new TV pilot Whatta Guys Really Want?

Ballando Nights is sponsored by Gabe Leibowitz at Warburg Realty and supported by Irma Records, Schema Records, and Champagne Pommery. Special thanks also to journalist and event planner, Pietro Filipponi.

If you cannot get in the doors, stay tuned for the next edition of Ballando Nights, which will usher you into artistic world of the Italian Renaissance!

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Photo ©Thomas Schauer.

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