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Diodato Won the Italian MTV Awards

Diodato won the “Best New Generation” award and performed on stage at the MTV Awards, live on MTV from Parco delle Cascine in Florence.

He was a musically gifted teenager: at thirteen years old Diodato formed the first band, at twenty he flew to Stockholm where he sang the song “Libri” for Beirut Café 2, a best-selling compilation of lounge music. He came back to Italy and graduated in cinema at the DAMS university, in Rome.

In 2007 he recorded a self-produced EP and presented it at MEI, the independent music trade. After being discovered by the producer Daniele Tortora, Diodato released his first album “E Forse Sono Pazzo”. During this period he collaborated with many Italian artists and became the star of numerous television and radio broadcasts.

He participated at Sanremo Festival, the official festival of Italian music, but he didn’t win a prize. Anyway he got the admiration of critics and public.

Here’s what the cinema director Paolo Virzi, president of the jury, said: “In the middle of them there is a genius, Diodato, which unfortunately has not been awarded either by critics nor popular vote. I’d like to give him everything, even Laetitia Casta, the French supermodel, co-host of the festival.

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