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DJ Stylus Spinning at Ballando Nights

Eclectic, International, Multigenre—these are just a few words that describe him….

DJ Stylus began listening to Miles and Coltrane at an early age. Then when he turned 13,  DJ Stylus started rocking the guitar to the beats of Led Zeppelin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Grateful Dead, Bad Brains, 24/7 Spyz, Metallica, Slayer….

Eventually, he even wound up playing the guitar on tracks for Jaymz Nylon, Antonio Ocasio, and George llanes Jr. But to make a long story short, this guy has been DJing since 1995.

For his first gigs in the Netherlands where he got his start, DJ Stylus was a drum and bass DJ, influenced by I.T.J. Bukem and 4hero, eventually breaking into nu jazz, Lounge, Latin, Brazilian, Afrobeat—World Music.

Hanging out in Manhattan’s Lower East Side at places like Nation Bar, Save The Robots, and Vinyl, DJ Stylus became friends with people from Organic Grooves and Turntables on the Hudson thru their weekly Downtempo/Global Beats parties, slowly transitioning into Broken Beat Bugz in the Attic and Jazzanova.

From 2001 to 2005, DJ Stylus was spinning at A-list celebrity lounges like Lot 61, Bungalow 8, Double 7. Connecting with Schema Records in 2006, DJ Stylus played at the Candela Music Festival in Puerto Rico with Gerardo Frisina from Schema Records.

Until this time, DJ Stylus hadn’t really played commercial music; but also in 2006, he became friends with DJ AM, who turned him onto the Mash Up/EDM sound. By 2008, DJ Stylus was fully immersed in Deep House Music.

Private events in the Hamptons, fashion shows, charity events, upscale Latin restaurants, the Gansevoort Park Hotel, Sushi Samba—DJ Stylus has played in some of New York’s most prestigious venues.

He was a resident DJ for One Leg Up NYC from 2012-2013, and in 2015 he appeared weekly on a Deep House radio show on Grant Nelson’s d3op radio network. Currently he is the resident DJ at the Keep in Brooklyn.

In sum, DJ Stylus is a composite of many styles—nu jazz, Downtempo, World Music, Latin, Brazilian Afro Beat, Middle Eastern, Indian, Balkan, Electro, Swing, Global, Bass, Deep, Soulful, Afro, Latin, Tech, And House.

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