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DueDiLatte Coming to New York & Philadelphia Fashion Weeks at the Uomo Moderno Fashion Show from Italy

Uomo Moderno Fashion Tour from Italy will launch on the second of New York Fashion Week (Friday, September 11) and will terminate during the Philadelphia Collections (Friday, October 9).

We already have a great label lineup for the show! One of the brands that will be presenting their 2014 Spring/Summer men and women’s collection is DueDiLatte: T-Shirts Made from…Milk?!

So be sure to get your tickets here!

The following is an interview with DueDiLatte from the 2016 Summer edition of Uomo Moderno magazine.

“In Italy of the 1930s, import bans were imposed by the autocratic fascist regime. Even some fibers and yarns were subject to such prohibitions. Therefore, since wool could not be imported, the Engineer Ferretti invented lanital: wool derived from casein.

“Ferretti had arrived at lanital in 1935 after three years of studies conducted at night in the basement of his home. Obtained from milk, casein was purified, dried, and treated with an alkaline agent that transformed it into textile fiber.

“Lanital was a huge success. The patent was purchased by Snia Viscosa, which offered Ferretti positions of executive importance. Production increased dramatically, reaching a quota of 14 thousand tons in 1940. Soon lanital spread all over the world, from France to Britain, Germany to Canada, and Japan to the United States. After the war, lanital continued to be produced under the name Merinova, until 1968 when it was retired and superseded by an overwhelming emergence of synthetic fibers.

“Today the natural fiber that is obtained from milk’s casein is environmentally friendly and lightweight (weighing 10% less than the silk), with unique sophisticated qualities. It is obtained by using techniques of bioengineering. Skimmed milk is deprived of water and subsequently rendered fluid again for weaving. The fiber and fabric obtained from it have moisturizing properties, since they retain the dairy protein with its eighteen amino acids that are good for the skin, even the most delicate type.

“Compared to traditional natural fabrics, fabric from milk presents really unique specifics. It is light and soft and has characteristics of smoothness, permeability, freshness, and brightness. The fibers allow for excellent moisture absorption that is typical of natural fibers, resulting in antibacterial properties. The fabric that is obtained from milk pampers the wearer because, in addition to moisturizing, it is hypoallergenic, breathable, soft and light, while it has a very soft touch and bright look.

“To maintain the typical properties of fabric from milk, DueDiLatte prefers the milky color from the fabric that is untreated or uses only natural colors. As for costs of creating a product that is totally Made in Italy and availing of a supply chain in the historic Tuscan textile sector, the product is placed in a medium high range.

“Our experience has allowed us to create different types of fabrics from milk. Our whole milk is the 100% milk jersey. Our partially skimmed milk is the micro-modal milk jersey (micro-modal fabric is of natural origins and gives even more softness to the fabric). Rice milk, however, is also a tissue that is derived naturally but from processing rice. It is s very bright and light.

“DueDiLatte was founded in 2013 out of our passion for fashion and research of innovative high-performance fabrics, with the desire to create 100% Made in Italy collections that ensure quality and follow the philosophy of craftsmanship and deep know-how of historic Tuscan and Italian manufacturing. Our constant goal is to create collections, which combine design and fabrics that are created from milk and are soft, caressing, nourishing, and hydrating to the skin.

“The DueDiLatte man is a dynamic and modern (of course!) man that does not stop at appearances but is always looking for something new that distinguishes him, making him stand out. Attentive to style and innovation, he takes care of himself in a carefree way, without taking himself too seriously, living life with joy. He is a casual urban man who goes from the workplace to a happy hour with friends—informal but with a touch of elegance. He wears basic but unique clothes that are never taken for granted. He plays with style and loves to surprise, and why not with a milk t-shirt!

“Summer 2015 draws inspiration from dreams, indefinite images, and soft colors. The softness of the fabrics fits perfectly with the imaginative dream world that is recreated on garments with exclusive artistic graphics that speak the language of dreams. The dreams represent the transposition of our real life, the journey that each of us hurries to take and that over time acquires increasingly defined contours and real desires.

“Within this collection, DueDiLatte decided to involve some young Italian artists, strengthening the link between art and fashion in the capsule collection ‘the Dreamers’. The artists in alphabetical order are Giusy Anzovino, Gaetano Bruno, Giada Fedeli, Sara Ligari and Lele Picà who have dedicated some works to DueDiLatte, giving free interpretation to the concept of dreams by opening the doors of the imagination and using the garments as canvases to be shaped under their brushes.

“From a union of style and art, romantic and communicative images are born, the subject of free interpretation by the observer. Yes, because it is the will that leads us to distinguish ourselves, entering the market with a product that is inspired by the trends of the season and offers superior quality as it is created by following the principles of Made in Italy, which is synonymous with process control, quality assurance, and respect for work.”

Interview with Founders Elisa Volpi and Antonella Bellina.

View this summer’s collection:

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