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Flea: Craft Beers and Breweries in Italy

When we think of beverages in Italy, what normally comes to mind? Wine. Limoncello. Maybe Sambuca…. But surely not beer! Possibly you have tasted beer from Italy, such as Peroni or Nastro Azzuro.

But the reason you have not heard much about Italian beers is that, before 20 years ago, there existed not too much more than 20 micro breweries. Now, thanks to a handful of men, you can find over 600!

Italy’s youth love beer! You can find beer everywhere. Just travel to Rome’s Trastevere, where you can pop into numerous pubs.

When I was in Florence several weeks ago, attending the  Taste food fair, I came across a tiny new brewery called Flea, which is situated in Gualdo Tadino of Umbria.

Every year the city holds a festival to honor St. Michael the Archangel, patron saint of the city. Since there are 4 ancient gates to the city which are decorated with corresponding flags, Flea decided to create 4 corresponding beers.

Bianca Lancia: White beer
Costanza: Blond beer
Federico II: IPA Style Strong Ale
Bastola: Strong Red Ale

I must admit, the beers were very good to my liking!

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