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Flou presents Olivier Sofa

The carefully balanced proportions do not go unnoticed: Olivier has changed the very concept of the sofa by transforming it into the ideal furnishing accessory to satisfy the pleasure of living and enjoying the home, with no sharp divisions between night and day.

The seating can be linear or modular, the comfort is extraordinary, the careful stitching and the almost obsessive attention for detail perfectly reflect the quintessential Flou experience. What results is sofa that is as comfortable as a bed; it is versatile, flexible, modular and when luxuriously embellished with cushions in woven leather, like the bed itself, creates the sensation of sumptuous harmony

The Olivier collection includes poufs and upholstered benches, coffee and console tables with marble tops.

Tubular structure burnished epoxy lacquered finish (three dimensions: 100x120xh16 cm, 240x100xh16 cm, 280x100xh16 cm). Woven elastic belts support with jersey cover.

Seat cushions, backrests and armrests with removable fabric, leather or Ecopelle cover. Padding of seat cushions consisting of goose down, memoform and non-deformable polyurethane foam.

The sofa is completed with backrest rectangular cushions with cover in fabric, leather, Ecopelle and in the exclusive woven leather and decorative smallest rectangular or square cushions with padding in goose down and removable covers in fabric, leather or Ecopelle.

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