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Golliardo Lazzeri: When Style Becomes Fashion

When it comes to understanding Italian fashion, the two unfailing pillars—eternal classics and modern trends—dawn on one’s mind, creating an impression of a truly Italian spirit and European perfection.

Perhaps, the definition of the iconic Italian style could be found in the very heart of the Tuscan region, the city of Empoli, where the basic principles of what makes Italian fashion and Italian style so attractive and unique were born. Here, at the factory named “Nipal”, the classic Italian style turns into ultimate fashion collections, so popular in the USA, Russia, Japan and around the world.

The factory was founded in 1972 by two brothers, Franco and Gollirado Lazzeri. Golliardo has just turned 84; however, he keeps such a young and elegant look for his age as probably only Italians can!

Golliardo Lazzeri, the founder and the CEO of “Nipal” explains how the history of the factory began. «From the very beginning we had a very clear business vision: we wanted to unite a well-recognized Italian style and traditions of craftsmanship. During the first several years we used lapin as the only material for our outwear clothes. The inversion of the word “lapin” became the name of the factory “Nipal”», says Lazzeri

A manufacturer of the well-known Italian brand AFG 1972, “Nipal” is famous for using high-quality leather and fur. Yet, shorn lamb fur, discovered by Golliardo, became the king of the factory. «Shorn lamb, used for producing of women’s sheepskin coats, was my personal innovation. I came up with this idea when I visited a tannery plant to grab my lapin, I had ordered. I suddenly saw lamb mats that covered the floor. And then I thought: why don’t we use this material for our sheepskin coats? Shorn lamb fur is short and does not add volume. That is why it visually makes ladies look thinner. Apart from that this material is extremely warm and light at the same time. It was a great success for us! And this is what’s made our factory name famous. We did not even have time to finish samples as customers took their sheepskin coats with no buttons or accessories on, »-added Lazzeri.

However, the essential factor of the factory’s success is its traditions that are handed from one generation to the next one. Speaking about his sons, Lazzeri says: «Perhaps I made quite a few mistakes during my entire life. But I believe I am the most successful man in the world because I have a family that continues doing my business. I have two daughters. One of them is a doctor. And the other one, Roberta, started helping me at the factory when she graduated from college. Her husband Massimo and their two sons also work at “Nipal”. We currently employ 235 people at our factory and we are proud to offer people jobs during economic downfalls. »

Indeed, iconic sheepskin coats manufactured 40 years ago are still wearable and extremely trendy today. Perhaps, to follow modern trends and to keep the traditions alive is what makes any tailoring factory successful today. Though there’s a small trick: when we speak about the clothes, a factory shall better be born in Italy.

By Olga Malik

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