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History and Beauty on Lake Maggiore: the “Isole Borromee”  

“Isole Borromee” form an archipelago of three islands near Piedmont’s Lake Maggiore shore.

In the XIV Century, the powerful and rich Borromeo family became the owner of the islands and decided to transform them into a jewel of architecture and nature nestled in the lake, which tourists can discover and visit.

With the ferry-boat, we can set out to “Isola Madre”, famous in all the world for the big botanical collection (there, since the XV Century) and the luxuriant vegetation that determines all island’s profile.

Shady boulevards and new flowerings accompany us to the splendid Baroque palace, where there is a shield brocade, as well as chinaware, tapestries, beds, and family portraits of the Borromeo that plunge us into the lifestyle about 400 years ago.

After a visit to “Isola Madre,” we go to visit our new place: “Isola Bella.”

A majestic island was designed like a ship that sails on the water of the lake.

In the park we can see flowers, shaped trees, sculptures, and a staircase.

All studied to make a unique set that encloses a palace of extraordinary beauty, rich in golden stuccos, decors, precious paintings, and untouched collections.

A place so fascinating, it was esteemed also by Napoleone Bonaparte during his Italian campaign.

At the end, we visit the last island: “Isola dei pescatori.” It’s the only populated island, which hosts a little typical village with picturesque alleys and small artisan shops.

Visited by a lot of tourists that admire the view and feel the fresh air from the restaurants or from the hotels situated in it.

The “Isole Borromee” are little jewels, which are the results of tastefulness and beauty.

By Davide Corsini.

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