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How to Do Your Hair Like Nyle Dimarco

Hi everyone and welcome in to my new hair tutorial video.

I’m Cily Hairstylist and now I will teach to you how to do Nyle Dimarco’s hairstyle.

For first: who is he? He is the winner of the 22nd edition of America’s Next Top Model and now he is on TV in the program Dancing with the Stars.

He is deaf but nobody can stop him to do anything. He is the new hero of the deaf community. He is special and for this reason I want to do my first English-Italian tutorial about him. Now enjoy this time with me and sorry for my bad English!

First step:
Take the hair dryer
and dry hair back. Chewing the hair of the top with your fingers, like this. Nyle has wavy hair and we have to give ours the same effect by moving your hands in this way.

Second step:
Use the gel. Sprinkle in the hands with wide circular movements. Then step on the side hair as much as possible. Crawl your palms backwards.

Third step:
Impregnate the hair of the upper part of the head with the gel, chewing it with your fingers. Finally open hands as a kind of scratch, bringing all the hair backward dropping slightly a small tuft on the front side.

This is Nyle Dimarco’s hairstyle! Thank you for watching! A big hug from Italy! Love you!

Francesco Cilidonio – Cily Hairstylist

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