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Interview with Italian Musician Immanuel Casto

Unveiling the Other Side of “the Prince of Porn Groove Italiano

Blond hair, ice blue eyes to an unexpressive limit. Neat appearance, shaved hair cut on the sides and longer on top. Perfect diction and confidence in speaking. Who am describing? Immanuel Casto is the prince of “porn groove.” The Italian singer who has made a mockery of morality becoming a true icon of his own. What you are about to read is an interview out of the ordinary that will let you discover another side of him that you will love. You will know the Immanuel that you never imagined: the man and not the star. At first shy and diffident, he confesses to live alone with his black cat with white paws, to love healthy cuisine and….

Discover him with me, your affectionate Francesco Cilidonio of Cily Hairstylist.

Ciao Immanuel. I have been following you since you were a commentator on the program “Loveline” on MTV. (“Loveline” was an Italian transmission that spoke on and answered questions about sex.) Tell me some things about that period….

It was a wonderful experience, actually my longest on television. It’s something I’ve invested a lot in, whereby at the time I was very focused on and devoted to the transmission. It was beautiful and exciting and I got on well with people, especially with the authors. Once before a commercial, the presenter asked me “What is your ideal place to have sex?” And I said, “Look, I like having sex in the woods….” and the commercial went on. At the end of the program the two authors of the program came to me and said: “Look there’s a problem…you must be very careful.” They called a committee who were quite angry about this and told me to make a video in which I would apologize. I was stunned and exclaimed “Are you joking?” And they said, “yes.”

You got a lot of criticism at the beginning of your career as a singer, because of type of music porn groove to which you belong?

Absolutely, and I still do! There are just people who do not understand irony. Often I play a stereotype to destroy it. Think of the song “Escort 25,” which seems like a hymn but instead is a criticism. Many people do not understand this. The ones who do understand it are taken back by the obscenities and, no matter the narrative value; they automatically turn up their noses.

Who is the true Immanuel outside the spotlight? Have fun, dance?

I am very quiet in reality. I do not drink, do not do drugs, do not drink coffee, do not smoke; I have regular rhythm of life. I don’t go out to dance because people recognize me and do not allow me to be myself because I feel that he am still “working”.

And then what do you do in the evening?

I do a lot of nights when I do strategy games with my friends. We do about three times a week.

“Have you ever afraid of being a bad example for the young kids and the little ones?”

No, never. Irony is not a bad example. I worry more about what they can see on television. Much more. At the cultural level, this myth of arriving at all costs, I find it much more dangerous than an off color joke to make people laugh.

I ask this question of the people I interview: When I look in the mirror I always say: Imagine the person you want to become and follow the road that will take you to be it. Well are you already that person or do you need to get there?

In some ways yes in others no. But yes, I have yet to arrive. I’m happy with what I do, however, it is clear that I could always do it at a higher level. It is clear I am always working on myself to grow as a human being. Although one of the main things is to learn to recognize my own limitations, which I learned to do only in recent years.

Now you have become a real sex symbol. Your photos in underwear are running around the various blogs that praise you with strong comments. Have you ever received sexual advances even for a fee?

Yes it happened. Nothing too weird, but I have always refused.

In the song Zero carbs, you report problems, such as bulimia, anorexia… It is a criticism against certain aesthetic models that are absolutely unsustainable for both men and women, the models of beauty that have bound to the canons to which young female teens aspire and men in their thirties. All of this is really frustrating. Do you always give voice to what you think?

Generally yes, unless it’s not supposed to offend everyone.

So here is what emerges from this interview: a star of a nerdish spirit who behaves well, gentle, quiet, playing strategy games with friends, and that takes care of his body by eating healthy. He trusts others slowly. He has trusted friends whom he loves very well and they have never betrayed his trust. Soon your new single and video will be released. We wish you all the best and success possible. Thanks for your availability.

Interview by Francescos Cilidonio of Cily Hairstylist.

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