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Is Italy coming back?

Yesterday I was invited by iGuzzini to the IX° Leonardo Committee meeting with the local enterprises.

The goal of these kinds of events is to start a debate between companies and institutions—the regional government, universities, and the Italian Trade Agency—to understand where “Made in Italy” is going.

To make a long story short, even local institutions have had enough of bureaucracy and ask for a few tools to help companies spread their wings.

Fortunately the Leonardo Committee president, Luisa Todini, who was so kind to have a little chat with me before her speech, has good news for them, speaking about US market.

The Italian government and European Community are working on two important issues.

First of all, the president of BCE (European Central Bank) Mario Draghi is looking for the Euro devaluation, even if Germany dissents. With this, the USA will see the European market more approachable.

Furthermore, Europe and America are working on the transpacific trade partnership, which can help both American and European companies with exports.

Generally speaking, I felt good vibrations in the auditorium. And even a real need for frankness: the golden times are gone, we’re here, let’s move on.

Adolfo Guzzini, the leader of the iGuzzini company, spoke to students who attended at the meeting.

“A businessman has one goal every day: to create a product with better performance than those that are on the market. This was always true, but even more today with a global market.”

He told about his family and the story of the company, showing how it’s difficult to build a great company that operates worldwide.

“You build the company from outside, travelling and knowing your markets, and then you can answer their needs. You must be flexible as an expert that knows other languages very well. This is important too: you put yourself on your product, you have to explain it. If your message passes through somebody else’s translation, it loses something important: your personality. You have to be the excellence of your market segment, even if your product is the most economic one. Then you need determination: that great attitude of people who built the best Italian companies but this new generation has lost.”

Funnily, in the weekend before the meeting I felt the same positive attitude around my place: bars and restaurants alighted by costumers, streets full of people at night. But maybe it is not a coincidence: maybe it is just that Italy is coming back.  It’s about time too!

by Dafne Perticarini

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