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Jason-Pierre Paul at the New Generation Fashion Tour by Uomo Moderno, Dressed by Ray Vincente

Several weeks ago, I received a phone call from the PR office of Jason-Pierre Paul, who plays defensive back for the New York Giants.

Although I was honored by the request to have Jason star in our New York show as the guest model, I was also perplexed as to what he would wear.

I called a few designer friends in Italy, but each told me that there was no way they could design for a man of this size.

So one night while I lay in bed, it came to me like a bolt of lightning! My friend Ray Brown! He can design for anyone!

The next day I contacted him, and with a label like his—Ray Vincente—he was the closest one to an Italian designer!

But Ray spent lots of time in Europe where he acquired a taste for fitted clothes and elegant styles for men. In his own words:

“Having spent some of my 20s in Europe, I have a great appreciation for the style esthetic, in particular for menswear.  I like how it goes against the norm and tries fabrics, colors, and silhouettes that are different and presents a different point of view.”

Ray did a fantastic job in dressing Jason-Pierre Paul, and Jason did a wonderful “first time” catwalk on the runway at our show!

After the show, Ray commented on Jason:

“He is truly a character as is shown by his runway appearance: full of life and great confidence and comfortable with himself and others.  I had not designed for his proportions prior, so it was a wonderful challenge.  His personality and willingness to let me try a few different looks made the experience all the more enjoyable.  Would love to work with him again!”

It was a great honor to meet Jason-Pierre Paul in person, to go to his home, and to do a personal fitting.

I also was thrilled to have the wonderful pleasure to work side by side with Ray, who summed up the New Generation Fashion Tour:

“I think it is a refreshing change and a great cultural exchange!  I hope it continues.  The designers each have a strong point of view in the collections and the runway show was strong.  I like in the NY show how the audience was able to have photos opps with the collection directly after the runway presentation.  I also like that there were models of various heights as opposed to all the same.  I would like to see the tour go to even more cities.  I also like the atmosphere created with the music, ambiance, and food.  The event created a ‘total experience’ for the audience that I think the will continue to remember fondly.”

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