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Launching an Italian Food Brand in London

While England might not be noted for its national cuisine abroad, London is renowned for being one of the best places to eat in the world, thanks to its huge assortment of restaurants covering cuisine from every culture imaginable, prepared by expert chefs. As you might expect, Italian cuisine is a favourite with Londoners, both to eat in restaurants and to prepare themselves. Because Italy is not so far away, there are plenty of great Italian restaurateurs and chefs in the capital, many of them creating family businesses specialising in food similar to what they would work with at home. Equally, Italian food is so much a part of our diets that plenty of British people in London have been inspired to make it a cornerstone of their businesses.

Launching a Brand

So, whether you are Italian or not, if you have a passion for Italian food and want to launch a food brand in London – whether it is a restaurant, a brand of pre-prepared food, or you want to sell Italian produce like olive oil or deli meats, the market is certainly there. All you need to do is do well at your marketing and bring people to your food. Here are some tips for launching an Italian food brand in London:

Tasting Events

If you believe in the quality of your products, then the obvious best way to get people interested in them is to give them a chance to see, smell and taste them. Having a stall at food trade events or other events is a good idea, being sure to give out generous free samples and to have plenty of stock available to sell – or, if you are a restaurant, bookings ready to be taken. You can also consider organising your own brand launch event and inviting people like food bloggers and reviewers who write about London cuisine. Check out this site for London venue hire if you don’t have a restaurant or bar to hold the event in.

Online Buzz

London is a city that thrives on social media, because with so many places to go, people are always looking for ideas from their friends and wider network. Creating a buzz about your brand on Twitter or Facebook is therefore a good idea. Encourage people to tweet about your products or restaurant by offering promotional benefits for those who do, or chances to win free food. If you can get prominent bloggers or even celebrities to talk about your brand on social media, you can also be sure of getting noticed.


If your target market is connoisseurs of real Italian food, then your authenticity is your selling point. Make sure all of your promotional copy, whether it is on your website, your packaging or your menus, talks about what is special and unique about your food. Hire a professional copywriter to make sure you are explaining what is great about your new brand in all of your communications.

Launching a new food brand in London requires a lot of work, because while there is a great market there is a lot of competition. Make sure your launch marketing strategy is strong with these ideas.

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