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Meet Bruno of the movie “FAME” (Lee Curreri) at the Uomo Moderno Winter Launch Party!

Born 1961 of Italian immigrants in the Bronx, Leonard Charles “Lee” Curreri is an actor and musician who played the role of Bruno Martelli in “Fame.”

Released in 1980, “Fame” is an American musical that traced the lives of a group of teenagers who went to the New York High School of Performing Arts.

What some folks might not know, Lee Curreri starred in the TV spinoff of “Fame,” which played from 1982-1987.

In addition to his “fame” in acting, Lee Curreri has produced numerous songs for artists like Natalie Cole and Sly Stone.

Currently Lee is a composer living in Los Angeles where he scores films, writes songs, produces artists, mixes sound…. He is also reputed as making a “mean” cappuccino.

After years of composing for others, Lee has released his own full length CD entitled “Aquabox.”

So why not come out and welcome Lee Curreri on December 19 at the the Empire Rooftop Hotel. RSVP here.

Main photo Credit Kids from Fame Media.

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