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Meet Me at the Piazza

While the Italian tourism industry is waiting for a new guidelines and a project for the whole Italian peninsula, Enit (the Italian government tourism board) planned a campaign for the European market that I really appreciated.

As everyone knows, tourists come to Italy for art, history, and the landscape first of all. This is the reason why we are the fifth destination in the world—until some years ago we were second after France, so maybe we really need a new project for our tourism industry.

Anyway, Enit imagined a campaign that shows Italian spirit, something that represents our way of life, more than museums, castles and beaches.

They chose the piazza, the place where people meet, buy, talk, and live.

It’s not a place you can reproduce just leaving a big space between buildings. You find those in malls but they are not the same things; they can’t satisfy your desire to be social.

The piazza is made by many human, natural, and architectural elements, and it’s a place where everyone—truly everyone—meets.

We took this concept by Greek culture and we made it our brand: for Romains it was the place where the market, the theatre, the spa, and the temple overlooked. In addition, it must be majestic with a monument in the middle.

Centuries gone by and human needs never change: wellness, shopping, entertainment, faith and politics. Simply being social. This place is relevant for us even today, and more and more Italian cities are banning cars from their piazzas, transforming them into pedestrian areas.

I sometimes fantasize if a tourist would ask me: “I have only one hour to taste Italy, where can I go?”, my answer would be “Go at the weekly market in the piazza. Don’t be afraid, just stay there and look around. I’m sure you’ll come back home with a bag of good food, a few good laughs made with strangers, faces and colors you’ll never forget.”

Enit agrees with me, as the new spot proves:

By Dafne Perticarini.

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