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Meet the Musicians of New York & Philadelphia Fashion Weeks

I have the wonderful honor and privilege to announce that Italian vocalist and pianist, Valentina Raffaelli, will be performing at both New York Fashion Week Italian Collections and the Philadelphia Fashion Show from Italy which are being hosted by Uomo Moderno magazine.

Valentina leads the band called Sunshine Superman, whose contemplative but refreshing sounds can be characterized by snarky lyrics, upbeat melodies, and infectious tunes.

As for Valentina, she was born and raised in Forte dei Marmi, a seaport in the province of Lucca, which is located in northern Tuscany:

“I began studying the piano at age 6: music and theater were my main activities. Then, love for the musical brought me to sing, more or less when I was 16 years old. Afterwards, I jumped into film criticism (I studied at DAMS in Bologna) and, after I had graduated, I went back to my original passion for music and I ended up studying jazz performance at the University of the Arts.”

Several years ago, she ventured to the US to study music and realize her dream of one day playing her own original songs to live audiences.

Now Valentina is fulfilling her dream, my dream, and yours at these two exciting events of which she says:

“I am passionate about fashion and I grew up flipping through my mom’ magazines. My favorite issues were always those that featured the fashion collections. To be able to say that I am participating in two events of fashion week for me is truly an honor and I still cannot believe it!”

In Ausgust, Valentina will be touring her homeland.

So, get your tickets now to see Valentina and Sunshine Superman live in New York and Philadlephia!

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