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Meet the Prosecco “Altaneve” of the New Generation Fashion Tour: VIP Hour Only

Altaneve is a crisp, sparkling, and elegantly Italian proseccco that epitomizes the best Italian sparkling wine that the world has to offer.

This extremely high-end brand is made from the glera grapes that are grown on the steep hillstides of Valdobbiadene, which is situated in the foothills of the Dolomites.

Each hill’s orientation to the sun determines the time of harvest for each section to guarantee the perfect ripeness of each cluster of grape.

Not all sparkling wines can be called “prosecco” in Italy, only those that originate from specific areas. Not only does Altaneve qualify as prosecco but it has been classified as D.O.C.G., which means “Denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin.”

Hence, Altaneve is one of Italy’s premium proseccos.

Did you know that prosecco dates back to Roman times when it was called “pucino”?! It has been an imperial drink ever since, and Altaneve lives up to its royal reputation.

For more information on prosecco cocktails or food pairings, go to

To taste Altaneve, come to the New Generation Fashion Tour in New York or Philadelphia.

Buy your VIP tickets here:

New York Fashion Week Italian Collections

Philadelphia Fashion Show from Italy

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