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Meet the Vodka of Our New York & Philadelphia Fashion Weeks: Punzoné

So what fashion show offers live music from Italy, designer collections from Italy, and complimentary Italian vodka drinks?

The answear: New York Fashion Week Italian Collections and the Philadelphia Fashion Show from Italy which are being hosted by Uomo Moderno magazine!

Yesterday I spoke about the musicians, so today I would lke to introduce you to the unique complimentary vodka drinks.

Punzoné is crafted in a five-column distillation system from organic Italian wheat grown in Piemonte, Italy, and is the only organic vodka brand to win the  International Five Star Diamond Award from the AAHS two years in a row.

Punzoné has a bold yet distinctively soft taste, while the finish is cool and refreshing: perfect for an outdoor late summer fashion show!

Thanks Punzoné for sponsoring our fashion events!

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