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Navigli: Serenity and Movida Near the Centre of Milan

Arriving at “Porta Genova” with the metro or arriving by foot from “Colonne di San lorenzo” after a visit at the majestic Sant’Eustorgio’s Cathedral, we find one of the most typical and historical places of Milan: the district of Navigli.

In ancient times, it was suburbs, populated especially by humble and agrarian families; now it’s the symbol of movida.

The “Darsena” has been restored and it’s the modern corner, nearby we find “Ripa di Porta Ticinese”, remained fixed in time.

A young district, distinguished by a lot of little restaurants, pubs and trattorias, open in that same place where artisans’ workshops were opened.

Vintage shops, second dealers, vinyl LP shops, and antiques rise upon the water canals where often it’s possible to see rowers of the local rowing school or tourist boats cut through the calm waters with anchored big barges that host restaurants or bars.

This picturesque district hides enchanting courtyards and railing houses; during the day it’s an oasis of peace and serenity where the slow pass of time is spaced out by the toll of churches’ bells. But during the night, it becomes crossroads of students and workers that are there to have a drink or a cocktail together and sit at modern, ethnic and bohemian pubs that illuminate the nights and evenings of this beautiful glimpse of Milan.

By Davide Corsini.

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