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New Underwear Line by Cagi with Olympic Swimmer, Massimiliano Rosolino

The new underwear line for Nationale Italiana was designed by Cagi from the agreement between the CSP International Fashion Group and the Nationale Italiana Srl.

Nationale Italiana is an Italian brand that targets the male market by providing them with several types of merchandise, such as underwear, cosmetics, small leather goods, and sunglasses.

CSP International Fashion Group is a strong competitor in the hosiery and underwear market. They are the only Italia group that is listed on the Stock Exchange.

Massimiliano Rosolino, an Italian Olympic swimmer and European and world champion of the 200 meter individual medley swimming competition, represents the values of this new line.

This new underwear line targets men who care for high quality garments that are made in Italy. The line is created to provide men with high quality intimate garments.

With these companies aligning and having such a strong representative, this Italian underwear line is definitely one to check out.

By Rachel Tallis

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