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New York Fashion Week: A Night of Cabaret!

While musicians were tuning their instruments on stage and models from all around the world, including one transgender, were being fitted by Italian designers down in the corridors below, hundreds of guests crammed into the Cutting Room on the evening of 9/11. It was a night of solemn remembrance—a tragedy, a nightmare—something that we must never forget at the Uomo Moderno Fashion Show from Italy.

But as the flood lights beamed onto the stage and the sounds of 4Strung filled the air, there was a feeling of excitement—an expectation of dreams coming true! The dreams of young men and women who had long desired to walk the catwalk, the dreams of emerging designers from Italy who had longed to show at New York Fashion Week….

As the quartet struck up, models strut onto stage in the latest trends from the Italic boot, donning the casual wear of Rumjungle Italia, the active wear of Gate64, WYWoL’s artisanal remade, the high couture of Francesca Marotta, and the 100% made from milk of DueDiLatte.

Halfway through the evening, six actors from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts pounced onto the stage sporting DueDiLatte to interpret the inspiration behind the collection in a type of off-Broadway “Fashion Vignette.” Hints of Charlie Chaplin pursuing anachronistic dreams of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe formed the basis of the plot.

After two full hours of vaudevillesque fashion entertainment, the show winded down as the bright lights dimmed and the musicians packed up their instruments, everyone bidding a farewell until the next edition. All the while, countless dreams had been fulfilled. It was a night to be remembered, one that no one will forget!

Photo by Private Paparazzi Productions.

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