Uomo Moderno hosts many events throughout the year, such as fashion shows, concerts, wine tasting, meet&greet celebrities, and much more.

Upcoming Events

Uomo Moderno Winter Launch Party with Brindiamo!

New York Fashion Week with Malph by Uomo Moderno

Past Events

Spring Launch Party

Tony Awards with Iaia Forte of the Great Beauty

New Generation Fashion Tour at New York and Philadelphia Fashion Weeks

Brandon Boykin of the Philadelphia Eagles at Philadelphia Fashion Show
See the show on Nickelodeon: Uomo Moderno Philadelphia Fashion Show on NFL Rush

Jason-Pierre Paul of the NY Giants at the New York Fashion Show
See the show on CBS: Uomo Moderno New York Fashion Show on CBS Game Changers

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Exclusive funding of events
  • Partial funding of events with another co-sponsor
  • Product donations and/or door prizes
  • In addition to all marketing materials, you will be featured in the magazine.

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