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Uomo Moderno Winter 2015: A Toast to La Dolce Vita with Brindiamo!

The Winter 2015 edition of Uomo Moderno is going to print soon, so order your copy now! This edition features the following exciting articles:

The New Generation Fashion Tour from Italy, including Brandon Boykin of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason-Pierre Paul of the New York Giants, as well as the Italian designers Francesca Marotta, Nico Didonna, Maison Lvchino, Rumjungle, and Malph.

Lean culinary tips from great chefs like Raffaele Ronca of Ristorante Rafele and Luke Palladino, who takes us on a tour of Venetian kitchens.

Meet Italy’s new boxing legends, including Clemente Russo, Vincenzo Mangiacapre, and Domenico Valentino, all of whom hail from the land of fires!

Travel to city of Rome, where the Oscar-winning movie “The Great Beauty” was filmed and meet the star actress Iaia Forte while dining with Oscar at La Veranda.

Celebrate 10 years of TV success as we “toast” to Ornella Fado of Brindiamo!, a new partner of Uomo Moderno.

Finally, learn fashion tips for your winter wardrobe, as well as stylish home decor for radical kitchens, bathrooms, and more luxurious living.

Order your issue now! Click here.

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