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Sanatorium NY Hosting Ballando Nights

Some drink makers call themselves bar chefs and others call themselves mixologists.  Albert Trummer calls himself an apotheker.

Born into a family of restaurateurs, he was immersed in his craft from an early age, honing his exquisite and unique palate for both taste and a unique sense for natural remedies and nurturing the human body.

He proceeded to work with icons in the industry like David Bouley, Geoffrey Zakarian, The Chambers Hotel, and 60 Thompson, his philosophy of the craft constantly growing and evolving.

Trummer’s mission became sourcing rare and curious ingredients from Europe and collecting recipes from monks for herbal infusions.  His meticulously blended cocktails of fresh fruits, botanicals, and secret elixirs made with techniques from both kitchen and apothecary, blurring the lines between gastronomy, chemistry, and art.

For the first official home-base of his signature cocktails, Trummer created Apotheke, located in Chinatown and appropriately housed in the time warping space of a former opium den.  Swathed in velvet and decorated with antique apothecary bottles, it became a sought after location for his “ancient remedy meets modern mixology” approach.

Albert Trummer recently won the Paris Gourmand Cookbook Award for Best in the World for Drinks and Health. With his first cocktail book “The best Apotheke Cocktails.”

The Sanatorium Operation Team will feature special cocktail creations by Jakob Trummer and Chris Norton.

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Albert Trummer and his creative team with Jakob Trummer and Chris Norton Presents
A special selection of house Elixirs,
Fruit and Herbs combined with these Premium Spirits

Emergency Menu  $15


In the Ambulance
Gin, Thyme Elixir, Lime infused Sugarcane, Fresh Rosemary, Orange Spiral


The Waiting Room
Tequila, Cherry Tomato, Basil, Balsamic, Lime, Habanero Elixir

Turn Your Head and Cough
Tequila, California Strawberry, Lime, Vanilla Elixir, Sage


The O.R.
Rum, Pineapple, Lime infused Sugarcane, Cilantro Elixir, Habanero Elixir, Vanilla Elixir, Angostura


Stitched Up
Turkish Fig infused Rye, Demerara, Angostura, Orange zest


Recovery Time
Vodka, Raspberry, Earl Grey, Lemon, Hibiscus Elixir

No Insurance
Vodka, Austrian Elderflower, Grapes, Lime, Orange Elixir

Photo Thomas Schauer.

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