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Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2014

NEO-LUX, a new take on the meaning of luxury.

With this Autumn/Winter Collection Stone Island signs off a new classification of luxury.

Neo-Lux means contemporary, rich, thoughtful aesthetics that are design and style conscious but have roots in perennial classics.

Neo-Lux is the result of merging the visual and tactile richness of Stone Island’s exclusive materials with its considerate and utilitarian design and its well-known mastering in colour treatments and finishes.

The real luxury that Stone Island can count on to define its future and the aesthetical trends in sportswear is the wealth of fabric, treatment and colouring developments it carried on in over 30 years.

This collection explores warm, organic and woollen aspects by inventing materials using both natural and man-made fibres. It sees the introduction of the Ice Jacket Wool Blend as well as the exclusive introduction in the  fashion/sportswear compartment of PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Down Blend a state of the arts padding.

It achieves mélange effects through specific weaving structures and garment dyeing techniques.

It enquires into techniques that achieve graphic motifs on pieces by introducing new corrosion techniques and continuing the enquiry of the use of laser beams on finished garments.

The collection’s graphic and print themes take inspiration from tortoise shell, where an all-over print achieves a new take on camouflage patterns.

Graphic motifs are also translated through corrosion, laser and jacquard techniques as well as quilting overstitching and, last but not least, by the revival of an updated look of the hand-painted technique, where the outerwear pieces are dyed, partly bleached through corrosion, hand painted and then over dyed.

The same technique is applied to a knitwear piece. In this category you can find the innovative Thermo Reactive 3D Knit, a double knit weave woollen material where the gaps between the two faces have been filled in specific areas with a thermo reactive polypropylene yarn which swells up through the steaming heat, creating a permanent downy 3D motive.

The colour palette, both rich and muted, is taking inspiration from the organic world. Ivory and milk white, olive oil yellow, fire red, amber, earth and tobacco brown, dust and smoky grey.

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