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The Botanical Garden of Brera: Milan’s Green Living Room

In the core of Brera district, famous for the bohemian style, a cradle of Milanese artists, we can relax in a picturesque and suggestive corner in a chaotic and frenzied city.

The Botanical Garden of Brera is situated at 28 Brera Street, but it’s possible to arrive there by crossing the hall of the famous “Accademia di Belle Arti” (Academy of Fine Arts) where we can see the sculpture of Napoleon made by Antonio Canova in the centre of the yard.

The garden was desired by the Empress Maria Teresa d’Austria in 1774 and it was renovated thanks to the State University of Milan.

In 1998 it become accessible to the public, and it’s a part of “Museo Astronomico-Orto Botanico di Brera” (property of the State University) since 2005.

Entering this enchanting place, it’s like being in another dimension where nature and serenity reign.

Near the trees and tall bushes grows an ample variety of botanical species (around 300).

The flowerbeds, shield officinal herbs, vegetables, spring bulbs or several kinds of sage.

Also, in a swimming pool of the XVIII century grow water lilies and irises.

For those who are interested, it’s possible to visit the Astronomical Museum on the garden.

The Astronomical Museum is famous because, here, Giuseppe Bovio and Domenico Genna (two Jesuits) saw the Halley Comet for the first time.

Relax by reading a good book or chatting with a friend, sitting on the benches place throughout the garden.

It’s a pleasant way to pass some time, first, by having a drink or eating something in one of the many typical pubs (like Jamaica Bar or “Bar Brera”) that animate this Parisian flavor corner of Milan.

Article by Davide Corsini.

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