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The New Generation Fashion Tour by Uomo Moderno: Malph Collection

For the New Generation Fashion Tour by Uomo Moderno magazine, designer Luca Gregorio sent me a collection of fun t-shirts that he entitled “Cannibal.”

The 2015 spring/summer collection drew inspiration from Africa’s fanciful fauna of ants and iridescent beetles, panthers and tigers, elephant skins, and the hot pink color of flamingos.

The movement of prints is reminiscent of jellyfish that dance elegantly in the deep sea, while the giant seashells of South African beaches resemble local majolica.

Based on Malph’s most recent look book, I decided to style the collection with black leggings, Zorro masks, black balloons, as models strutted the runway bear foot and handed the guests their balloons!

While lying in bed after a surfing accident with nothing to do but watch the 1970s’ TV series “Happy Days,” Luca named his label after the program’s quirky character—Ralph Malph.

I was just informed that Luca recently won the award for best emerging brand by the Italian Chamber of Fashion during the White Show in Milan. Congratulations, Luca, and thank you for participating in our events!

Photos Courtesy Morgan A. Smith.

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