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The New Generation Fashion Tour from Italy: the Band

The New Generation Fashion Tour from Italy did not  entail runway shows and presentations set to the beats of DJ music but rather a full-fledged concert by Sunshine Superman, which is led by Valentina Raffaelli.

Valentina hails from Forte dei Marmi of Tuscany, where she used to live under the Tuscan sun. But she has since brought the sunshine to Philadelphia where she is lead vocalist of Sunshine Superman.

Valentina came to the US to study music, deciding to remain since her ideas were too “strange” for Italy.

For each designer, Valentina studied the styles and overall image of the collection so as to choose the appropriate songs and music for the runway show and presentations.

The CD’s of this indie-pop group were also made available on the New Generation Fashion Tour from Italy, but if you were unable to obtain a copy, definitely contact the band.

You may follow Sunshine Superman for live concerts in your area or book them for your event at

Photo Future Photography by M3.

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