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The Royal Edition of Uomo Moderno Magazine with Italy’s Crown Prince

Welcome to the Spring & Royal Edition of Uomo Moderno magazine, with a special tribute to the publisher’s late partner, William A. McClurg, who passed away suddenly last year.
  • First and foremost, Francesco wanted to honor his partner for his devotion, dedication, and deep love that he expressed to him daily for the entire period of their relationship.
  • Afterwards, you will explore the palaces of Italy’s royal family of Savoy, and meet Italy’s Crown Prince, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, known as the Prince of Venice and Piedmont.
  • You can travel vicariously to the watery streets of Venice and put on your mask for a Ballo in Maschera!
  • Brush up on the latest fashion tips for this Summer from Italy’s emerging designers.
  • Finally discover the subtleties among among Italy’s Pecorino cheeses, and don’t be fooled by the fake ones!

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