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The Uomo Moderno Fashion Show at the Philadelphia Collection

Philadelphia is bursting with events this fall! You may have heard about the recent pope visit; well, now it’s time to put away our halos, don the latest fashions, and hit the streets in celebration of diversity!

Normally, the city of Philadelphia rolls out its fashion week right after New York Fashion Week in early September. This year, however, the papal visit pulled the reins on most events; so the Philadelphia Collection was rescheduled for this first week of October, coinciding with OutFest.

The Philadelphia Collection is a fashion party that extends over the course of one week, with 75 events, including trunk shows, runway events, fashionable fêtes, and think tanks. For the second time, Uomo Moderno magazine’ Fashion Show from Italy has been declared a Marquee Event by the Philadelphia Collection and the Office of the City of Philadelphia.

On Friday, October 9th, Uomo Moderno presented five designer collections from Italy at Voyeur Nightclub, featuring a Fashion Vignette and music performances by City of Pastele. The fashion show was also a charity event and fundraiser to benefit the Mazzoni Center’s Adolescent Drop-in program, which provides free care and services to youth ages 14-24.

You are warmly invited to our fashion show sample sale tomorrow evening, Tuesday, October 13th,  to shop your favorite looks at cost.  From 4:30-7:00pm at the 12th Street Gym (204 S 12th St, Philadelphia), Boxers PHL will be pouring complimentary mixed drinks and the raffle will continue!

If you cannot make it to the sample sale tomorrow, you can purchase your favorite outfits from the show at this link: (Only WYWoL has to be added.)

Meanwhile, I will be adding photos and videos of the show over the course of this week on the Uomo Moderno Facebook page (click here) and my personal page (click here).

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