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Travel in Style on Your Next Trip to Italy

There is nowhere on earth quite like Italy, from the amazing list of architectural wonders to the clubs that only come alive after sundown. Whether you are looking to go on an archaeological dig or a summer holiday on the Italian Riviera, you’ll want to travel in style. Check out what’s trending now so that you’ll be ready to pack and go when it’s time to hit the road.

Shoes for Summer 2016
Ankle straps are hot this year on literally every style shoe imaginable. All the top designers have included designs with ankle straps in their summer collection ranging from casual flats to super-high spikey heels. When packing for your upcoming trip, you should pack the heels and opt for flats on the journey. You may be walking long distances at connecting airports or getting to the hotel on the other end. You do want to travel in style but you want to be comfortable and safe when walking. Believe it or not, even trainers are trending this summer, so comfort shouldn’t be an issue at all!

Luggage that Screams Style
Most travellers look for luggage that is sturdy and serviceable, not caring exactly what it looks like as long as it keeps their belongings safe from rough handling, especially at airports. Fortunately, there is no reason why you can’t have the sturdiest luggage on earth yet high-end designer quality. Briggs & Riley is one designer of fine luggage that pays attention to fashion, yet with quality also in every aspect of manufacturing the luggage they are proud to offer. One of the collections trending this year is TORQ. It is constructed from Makralon polycarbonate that is resistant to impact and available in colours that are brilliantly bold. Visit this site for more information on the innovative TORQ collection and you’ll see how this one company has earned the name it has within the industry.

Baring the Shoulders Is Oh-So Chic
Sundresses are a must this summer, even if you won’t actually be hitting the beach or doing much travelling about town in the bright summer sun. This year they are trending off the shoulders, with or without spaghetti straps and are being billed as ‘effortless’ dresses for sunny days. Typically to the knee, some of these fashionable summer cotton frocks are also designed at the longer lengths of midi and maxi. Wear them about town shopping, to a nice quiet meal at an Italian café or even on tours through exciting cities like Rome or Milan. Speaking of Milan, you’ll certainly want to wear fashionable attire in one of the globes fashion capital cities.

Italy is an exciting country to visit any time of year, but in the summer when the days are warm and people are out and about, you’ll get to see first-hand visitors from around the world who’ll be watching you as you watch them. Travel to Italy in style and maybe even do a bit of shopping whilst you’re there as well. Who knows fashion like the Italians and coming home with a few items from your holiday just might help bring back a little of the famous Italian romance as well. Travel to Italy for any reason whatsoever but always travel in style.

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