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Triora: Italy’s Salem

There is a little city in Liguria that nothing but to be envied like the famous Salem.

This place is Triora.

Like the city of Salem, Triora is famous for a big witch trial during the XVI Century.

Walking in the calm streets, enclosed by nature and stone houses, nobody would think that five hundred years ago, this little village was theatre of a massive witch hunt.

Maybe, one of the most important witch hunts in the history of Italy.

In 1587, Triora was damaged by a dangerous famine and the fault was attributed to some women living in “Cabotina,” a place near Triora where these women exercised rituals that were believed to bemagical and esoterical.

Dozens of women were captured and tortured; famous is the event about a girl that, out of desperation, threw herself from the civic palace window.

Triora is a place plunged in the quiet of Ligurian mountains today, where silent stones shield secrets, mysteries, and traditions that visitors should discover and know.

For all of you who want to visit this village, interesting is the “ethnographic and witchcraft museum,” as well as the church of S.Bernardino (XV Century) where there are Renaissance frescos.

For those of you who enjoy eating, there are little trattorias where you can taste typical Ligurian foods.

Triora represents a place full of mistery, legend, history, and tradition that will not disappoint lovers of adventure.

By Davide Corsini.

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