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Turati Boiseries: The Timeless Charm of Designer Living

Nearly always seen as the focal point of any home, the living room is still the undisputed star of any
abode. Every room, from the kitchen to the bathroom, moving through to the bedrooms, is influenced by that distinctive style that only the living room can offer. What’s more, the living area is the favourite place where every Italian family comes together to create those memories and keepsakes that are full of emotions and warmth and that can make the home not just an interior but also a story – a record of what we are and what we love.

Turati Boiseries fully embraces the image of a living room where you find some peace and relaxation in order to build on family stories, offering exclusive and unique creations that bring this interior to a new level as the undisputed star of the house. Essential materials in fine wood and skilfully crafted details give life to majestic bookcases with everlasting charm, to fine inlaid ceilings and occasional furniture that can meet the highest demands. These customised products become examples of timeless style, thanks to that elegance that is typical of Turati Boisieris classical style. The result is a living room that takes hold of the abode with familiarity and tradition by combining solutions that satisfy even the most modern technological needs.

Company Profile Turati Boiseries was founded more than 50 years ago, in a part of Italy with a strong furniture-making tradition, a symbol of historical artisan craftsmanship in the world of furniture making. Today, the company is a point of reference for the luxury furniture industry, thanks to its ability in bringing together artisan values and Italian excellence, decades of experience, research and new ideas, while also shedding new light on classic styles. This authentic process comes forth from an entrepreneurial company structure that still maintains the pure artisan soul that defines people whose passion for this work creates real added value, without giving up their desire to push the limit of experimentation and meet the requests of the world’s most demanding clients, who want only the best and most exclusive furnishings.

In order to be a step ahead of trends and the current evolution of classic furnishings, Turati Boiseries
has created a line of prestigious furnishing solutions that arise from the world’s finest artisan craftsmanship. This is the reason why, still today, the Turati Boiseries represent an important chapter in classic furnishings: exceptional modularity and pairings support the original, classic foundations, offering a vast selection of furnishing pieces and styles, perfect for almost every abode, culture, and need. These furnishings, defining true, grand style, include numerous offers for every space: living room and bedroom, offices, stores, and meeting rooms, as well as libraries, coffered false ceilings,
doors, and occasional furnishings.

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