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Volterra: the City of Vampires

Oh no, we haven’t met any vampires on this tour; but we saw a very pretty town, although with very few people around.

The city is the setting for The Second Book of the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

There are a lot of shops that sell monuments – works – objects in beautiful alabaster.

The prison is a bit creepy from outside (it must be said that the medieval constructions have always had an obscure fascination, but here in this city it seems a little more pronounced).

The surrounding landscape where large green valleys welcome visitors is nothing short of sensational.

Volterra is characterized by houses that built right next to each other, the kind where the old window opens right up to the one in front: “Celestina will you pass the salt?”

Beautiful are the remains of the ancient Roman theater. That said, it is a city that you can explore quickly. It’s very windy since it is situated quite high up.

I advise you to make it part of your tours in Tuscany!

By Francesco Cilidonio, Cily Hairstylist

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