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Walking on Water: Floating Piers by Christo

One of the most famous artists in the world installed artwork in one of the most charming places of North Italy: Lake Iseo. On the Lake Iseo. Literally!

The installation is an enormous golden runway that connects Sulzano to Monte Isola and to San Paolo’s island.

For 16 days this path, which is made up of 220,000 high-density polyethylene cubes, brought the visitors along a route of 3km on the lake’s surface.

The Floating Piers is the biggest artwork by Christo.

After the 16 days, the interactive artwork will be disassemble and their parts recovered.

By July 3rd, a half million of people had travelled the 3 kilometers of dry surface on Lake Iseo, making it—maybe—the most visited and proven interactive artwork in the world.

Although the Floating Piers has been disapproved because, for some, it gives no value to the natural area and environment, but also because it’s be termed a “kitsch.”

Nevertheless, this installation achieved the dream of curious visitors that wanted to try the thrill of walking on the water.

By Davide Corsini

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