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Wellness and Fitness: the New trends for your Stay

Well and fitness are the new trends for your stay in Italy!

More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle, so it’s not a surprise they bring their habits even on vacation.

Sports holidays are perfect for dynamic people, as spas are the place where lazy ones can enjoy and pamper themselves.

This trend is growing in many countries, even in Italy where investing in green tourism and outdoor activities are a must. The variety of landscapes and short distances are ideal to meet every desire and create different itineraries.


Trentino is one of the Italian regions most devoted to outdoor activities, and basically it’s like a huge pristine park where you can play.

All around Italy you can go trekking, skiing or climbing, but the landscapes and organization you find there are pretty unique. As other regions, Trentino offers to visitors a guest card that allows them to travel, taste, and visit with no stress and save money too.

Trentino is followed by Tuscany, that is trying to attract more and more major sporting events in the territory of Chianciano Terme—the Valdichiana area is the datum point for wellness lovers.

Toscana can’t offer Alps, but here you find many cultural attractions and elegant spas with which I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Third place goes to Umbria, which is promoting a project for green tourism. “Turismo verde” is the organization that coordinates sports activities and rural hospitality, as well aagriturismo and B&Bs.

Umbria is our green heart, but it’s not the only one that can offer beautiful routes to visitor: there is the uncontaminated Abruzzo, with its big natural park, and Campania, which is the most green region in Italy with 350 thousand hectares of protected areas and the record for the production of green energy.


For wellness tourism, it’s always Trentino Alto Adige that leads the rankings in Italy. For short breaks or long stays, it represents the perfect place where you can relax and recharge yourself.

The real reason for its success is organization: internal stakeholders work together to develop a unique vision and a great tourism supply.

Here the top 10 best Italian spas:

  • Baden Baden Bagno Romano, Abruzzo
  • Quellenhof Resort, Alto Adige
  • Lefay Resort & SPA, Lombardia
  • Bagni di Pisa Palace & Spa, Tuscany
  • Etruria Resort & Natural Spa, Tuscany
  • Hotel Helvetia Thermal SPA, Emilia Romagna

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the quiet country house or the cottage in the mountains, the matter is coming back home beautiful and relaxed, with a great story to tell to your friends.

By Dafne Perticarini.


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