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What’s Moving in New York Seminar: Recap

Thursday, February 25, Gabe Leibowitz of the Skygroup Team at Warburg gave an excellent seminar on What’s Moving in New York. The seminar was attended by real estate enthusiasts and accompanied by great wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Uomo Moderno magazine co-hosted the event with the Skygroup Team, which  has been a faithful supporter of Uomo Moderno events over the years! Thanks Gabe!

About Gabe Leibowitz

Focusing on his path in real estate, his approach to clients and their needs, and what makes him who he is, the site is a one-stop shop for everything about his business model and love for his field.

On the home page of his website, you’ll find a lovingly crafted, personalized video that will hopefully help you, or anyone you know, feel comfortable that his approach to this industry would serve you (or them!) well in representation. You’ll also find sections specifically devoted to sellers, buyers, and his glorious time getting his MBA at Stern.

Have a look at Gabe’s website and watch the seminar here:

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