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Win a $500 Gift Card for Bellucci Napoli at the Uomo Moderno Winter Launch Party

Come taste and see how sweet life can be at the Uomo Moderno Winter Launch Party with Brindiamo! RSVP here!

Not only will you have the chance to win a $500 gift card* at Bellucci Napoli but you will also meet the designer, Nedo Bellucci.

Obvious by the name of the store, Nedo Bellucci hails from Naples, Italy. In 2007, Nedo established his New York shop, Bellucci Napoli, which encompasses more than just a clothes store.

Situated  in a palazzo on 57th Street off Fifth Avenue, Bellucci Napoli offers a custom menswear shop on one floor and a whiskey bar with terrazza on another for VIP members.

Faithful to the Neapolitan tradition of “sartoria,” the designer adheres to the principles of sartorial tailoring with excellent craftsmanship and impeccable fabrics.

So why not come out and greet the designer, Nedo Bellucci, and taste a bit of La Dolce Vita!

*The gift card can be applied towards every suit and blazer or $100 towards any shirt with a total of 5 shirts.

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